high level cleaning machine
Written by Hollie Smaldon on January 11, 2019 in Industry updates

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of windows of multi-storey buildings can be both challenging and expensive. That’s why Orca Cleaning Services has invested in a new, cutting edge, high reach cleaning system that enables their technicians to clean windows of multi-storey buildings from the ground safely and without the need for expensive high level access equipment. It also eliminates the need to use operatives who are qualified to work at height.

The Orca system has been installed in a Transit Connect and is equipped with a 500 litre pure water container, enabling their technician to undertake a full day’s window cleaning without having to replenish the water supply.

The cleaning brush is attached to a light weight water-fed pole which can be handled safely with ease. Using pure water, this system delivers a streak-free finish in a matter of minutes.

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