Written by Hollie Smaldon on January 18, 2019 in Company Updates

Blocked gutters can cause severe damage to a building by causing fascias to rot which in turn makes it easier for water to penetrate the walls and ceilings of the building. However, keeping gutters clear can be both challenging and expensive, particularly if a cherry picker or scaffolding is needed to gain access.

That’s why Orca Cleaning Services has invested in a new, state of the art, high reach vacuuming system that enables their technicians to clear the external gutters of multi-storey buildings from the ground safely and without the need for expensive high level access equipment. It also eliminates the need to use operatives who are qualified to work at height.

“We have been receiving an ever increasing number of requests from building owners and managers who need leaves, dust and dirt removing from their gutters,” explained Orca’s Managing Director Steven Holmes. “To be able to offer a quick, cost effective gutter cleaning service was the primary driver for us to invest in this superb gutter vacuuming system.”

The system’s ultra-lightweight collection poles can extend to over 12 metres, enabling the Orca technician to extract gutter debris from the ground. A rainproof wi-fi camera located close to the collection head transmits images to an integral monitor enabling the technician to observe the operation throughout using the camera’s zoom facility, ensuring that all debris has been removed from the gutter prior to completion.


For more information, or for an estimate, call 01388 241337.

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