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Specialist Cleaning Services

Specialist cleaning - Town center
Specialist Cleaning Services - Town Center

Keeping your town or city centre environment attractive and safe to workers, shoppers and tourists can be a real challenge to those responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

Orca Cleaning Services is resourced, skilled and experienced in keeping town and city centre pavements and pathways both clean and safe using specialist equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove completely any oil, grease, chewing gum, graffiti and other offensive pollutants.

Orca’s team of qualified technicians are experienced in working in these areas at times that cause minimum disruption to the community, creating clean, safe and visually pleasing environments of which everybody can be proud.

Hospital Grounds
Keeping the external areas surrounding hospitals clean is essential if positive public opinions and perceptions are to be generated.

Orca Cleaning Services provides a comprehensive range of cleaning processes designed to keep the surfaces of pavements, walkways, roads and car parks free of unsightly dirt, grease and detritus such as chewing gum, helping to create the right impression for patients and visitors.

Leisure Centres
Cleanliness, both external and internal, is a crucial contributor to attracting and retaining leisure centre members.

Orca Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive range of cleaning processes designed to keep your leisure centre looking and feeling clean and cared for. From the pressure washing of external walls and walkways through to the cleaning of windows and the clearing of gutters, Orca has the experience and expertise to help you to keep your leisure centre in top condition.

Swimming pool tile cleaning is another specialist area where Orca can offer a tailored service, helping you to maintain optimum levels of hygiene in this and surrounding areas.

Sports Stadia
Orca Cleaning Services is already helping a number of sports stadia managers to keep and in some instances restore their facilities to an ‘as new’ condition.

From exterior seating, terraces, walkways and car parks to gutters, reception areas and windows, Orca has developed a portfolio of cleaning processes using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and state of the art cleaning machinery, all delivered by appropriately qualified cleaning technicians.

Schools and Playgrounds
Orca Cleaning Services delivers a range of high quality cleaning services, including deep cleans, to schools, colleges and universities at times that cause minimum disruption to pupils, staff and visitors.

From interior areas such as floors, walls and windows to exterior facilities such as roofs, gutters and soffits, walkways, car parks and playgrounds, Orca can provide a cleaning solution tailored to meet your specific needs in terms of frequency and budget. This can include the removal of chewing gum and graffiti from exterior floors and walls, should that be necessary.

If required, members of Orca’s staff can be DBS checked and approved.

Guano Removal

Orca Cleaning Services has developed a quick and effective way of removing this toxic material from the exterior of walls, roofs, gutters, window shelves, high-level walkways and interior surfaces. Using specially developed solutions, this harmful waste is firstly neutralised then removed, bagged and safely disposed of by Orca’s team of technicians using a range of cleaning equipment and techniques.

Large Office and Apartment Complexes
Orca Cleaning Services is highly experienced in delivering tailored cleaning services in areas within and outside multi-occupancy buildings, such as office and apartment blocks.

Whether at ground or at high level, Orca’s team of cleaning technicians are qualified to deliver a premium service, using the most appropriate equipment for the job at hand.

From interior public areas, windows and kitchen and toilet facilities to external walkways, drives, parking areas, gutters and roof-lights, Orca Cleaning Services can provide a cleaning service tailored to your specific operational needs in terms of time, frequency and budget.

Executive Homes
For most, your home is your pride and joy but keeping it looking as good as new requires time and effort, which many homeowners with busy lives find difficult to find.

Orca Cleaning Services is highly experienced in providing expert cleaning support to executive homeowners designed to keep their drives, walkways, windows, gutters and soffits looking pristinely clean and like new.

With oil and grease being used every day, keeping garages clean and safe to work in is a real challenge for garage owners.

Orca Cleaning Services offers a range of cleaning services, including deep cleans, designed to remove oil, grease and other contaminating materials from floors, internal walls, windows and ceilings, using high-performance cleaning equipment operated by qualified and highly experienced cleaning technicians.
Orca can also restore contaminated, soiled or blocked external areas, such as car parking areas, drives, exterior walls, windows and gutters to a condition that is safe, functional and pleasing to the eye.

Plant and Machinery
Industrial and construction plant and machinery are used in environments where dirt and contamination are an unavoidable challenge for both owners and users of such equipment.

Orca Cleaning Services has developed a range of cleaning protocols designed to remove any dirt and grime, restoring the appearance of the machinery whilst helping to ensure optimal operational efficiency. These protocols employ environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and high performance cleaning equipment, used and operated by highly trained and suitably qualified cleaning technicians.

Driveways and Walkways
If you are responsible for the appearance and safety of driveways, walkways and other external areas, then you need to speak with Orca Cleaning Services.

Orca has a wealth of experience in removing unsightly contaminants, such as oil, grease and chewing gum and then maintaining these areas in a clean, safe and visually appealing condition. Using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, Orca Cleaning Services are fully committed to ensuring that your environmental responsibilities are met each and every time.

Gutters Fascias and soffits
Gutters can become easily blocked with dead leaves, and adjacent fascias and soffits can become dirty and soiled from overspill and other natural contaminants such as bird guano.

Reaching these areas to remove obstructions and undertake any cleaning can be both difficult and dangerous to those without the specialist equipment needed to undertake this work safely.

Orca Cleaning Services have invested in purpose-designed equipment designed to remove any gutter blockages and to clean the surrounding fascias and soffits quickly and safely, restoring the roof perimeter to an attractively clean and functionally efficient condition.

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