AKS Precision Ball

Industral High Level Cleaning

AKS Precision Ball in Peterlee approached Orca in relation to the high-level degreasing needs in their premises. The client used a lot of oils for cutting machinery within their premises, this eventually gathers on the high rise steel beams. Once the heat rises in the building, it softens and begins to melt causing Health and Safety hazards as it falls on flooring, machinery and personnel.

Orca utilised their skilled workforce and carried out a high level cleaning program incorporating access machinery and specialist products to ensure the full removal of the grease and grime. The cherry pickers used had to be skilfully moved as machinery was left in situ on the site which could have been a damage risk. However, Orca were able to clean the beams in the time frame allotted with fantastic results, leaving a compliant and happy client.

Orca Cleaning Services

Orca Cleaning Services Limited has established an impressive reputation for the provision of tailored professional cleaning services to owners and operators of offices, factories, warehouses and large retail stores throughout the UK.

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