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Professional Gutter Cleaning

Reducing Health & Safety Risks

Orca cleaning services have the knowledge and expertise to easily remove weeds from guttering systems. Blocked gutters can potentially lead to damp or in extreme cases damage your properties foundations. If this is a problem for you don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to start the process of safely unblocking your gutters.

Similarly the alternative option is to remove the weeds traditionally by hand, however only where access is available and appropriate. For this we use an industrial specialised sky vacuum and Bluetooth videography system. This system allows us to reach into your gutters, no matter how high, whilst our operators work safely from ground level. This method eradicates all use of ladders or scaffolding wherever is possible when cleaning gutters, overall massively reducing health and safety risks and maintaining lower costs for both us and clients.

Here at Orca Cleaning Services we also offer commercial roof cleaning.

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How Do You Clean a Gutter?

We use an extendable pole unless we need ladders. Ladders are used when there is debris to remove such as ivy or plants. We would always consult with you first. Industrial premises can have the extendable equipment or be clean with the use of access equipment.

How Often Should I Get The Gutters Cleaned?

As a company we recommend twice a year minimum.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Have My Gutters Cleaned?

There could be a build up of mould inside and outside of your guttering. Also a build up of debris that can lead to blocked gutters. Blocked gutters lead to siding damage, foundation damage that’s caused by flooding from the gutter. Also brickwork could start flaking from prolonged overflow.

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