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Here at Orca cleaning we specialise in guano cleaning for businesses. Bird droppings not only add to cleaning expenses of commercial buildings, they also emit diseases and mites that live inside droppings. Results can potentially cause serious health risks, something building owners must be aware of. On the less dangerous side, dropping doesn’t make for a particularly pleasing sight. Find out about specialist guano cleaning services and get in touch today.

Unfortunately, bird droppings pose additional serious health risks, especially when roosting and nesting upon properties. Floor surfaces and entrances can become uneven and extremely slippery. Building/business owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone visiting the premises. Whilst infestations of fleas, ticks and similar parasites are bad enough, nobody wants to deal with diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella. Keep visitors safe and eliminate potential building damage with regular guano cleaning.

Ultimately there is no single way of completely eradicating birds from particular areas. Maintaining cleanliness is therefore the main option available to building owners and companies alike. Our experts have the ability to completely extinguish guano related problems in the short term whilst freshening up buildings to extremely high standards.

Understandably not all bird infestations are the same and neither are any of our clients. Based upon this, prices vary depending upon property size.

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Do You Use Any Harmful Chemicals?

We use chemicals that are specifically for bird guano cleaning. All our operatives are trained and certified for the safe use of all chemicals used in this. Every job we do there is a risk assessment done for prior to work starting so your requirements are met. Your safety and the public’s safety are paramount.

Who Do You Work With?

We work with customers of all sizes and backgrounds from private landlords to homeowners to retails parks and shopping centres to name a few. We have also helped hospitals, schools and many local businesses.

Is The Service Limited to Pigeon Guano?

Our service is transferable and we are able to clean and disinfect all types of bird and bat guano.

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