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Specialist Skylight Cleaning

Improving Energy Efficiency

Skylights are there to allow natural light, this can lift mood, save energy and improve staff productivity. This is a specialist cleaning discipline of its own due to the technical ability required when cleaning so as not to damage the fixings and joints. Orca have been known to save clients huge amounts in energy costs – by purely cleaning skylights alone.

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Does skylight cleaning affect energy prices in our factory?

Yes, if you have more natural light, you are less lightly to require electric lighting within the workplace.

What other assistance does skylight cleaning give?

Skylight cleaning also improves mental health in the workplace by allowing more natural light within, helping with staff mindset, mood and productivity.

How would you clean the skylights?

There are various methods and equipment which could be used, the most appropriate will be decided by the technical team due to skylights being fragile.

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