Whittle Jones

Industrial Skylights & Guttering

Whittle Jones approached Orca Ltd in order to effectively clean a range of industrial skylights and guttering systems on their sites across the North East of England ranging from small factory units to entire industrial estates.

Skylights can be quite delicate and effective cleaning can be tricky to maintain the integrity of the skylight with the high pressure and heat of a jet washing system.

There are many delicate areas such as joints and seals which need to be considered when cleaning with the jet wash as well as temperature and flow of the water. As well as the additional element of working at heights.

Orca has effectively cleaned over 27 sites and many more in guttering systems, providing as standard, a down pipe and water flow check.

Orca has received incredible feedback for the work carried out with Whittle Jones and continues to work alongside the company in many cleaning tasks.

Orca Cleaning Services

Orca Cleaning Services Limited has established an impressive reputation for the provision of tailored professional cleaning services to owners and operators of offices, factories, warehouses and large retail stores throughout the UK.

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