COVID-19: Supporting Our Community

So far Orca have given away over £5500.00 worth of fogging and have a number of establishments for a monthly treatment absolutely free. 

We have slashed our prices, saving up to and in excess of 50% against national contractors. 

AND reduced monthly clients fees with the introduction of robust and flexible contract prices (current monthly clients, if you haven’t received yours as yet – don’t be alarmed, it is very much on the way). 

Contracts INCLUDE call outs! 

Fogging includes sanitation notices on every treatment for reassurance. 

We’re really trying to give absolutely all we can in this time of such adversity and strife.

Read the full article here on the Northern Echo’s website.

Orca Cleaning Services

Orca Cleaning Services Limited has established an impressive reputation for the provision of tailored professional cleaning services to owners and operators of offices, factories, warehouses and large retail stores throughout the UK.

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